G3 Rahshki Redesign [Concept Art]

These are really nice to look at. Though it’d be difficult to see all of these translated into a minifgure.
Still awesome though.

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They all look great, but the Panrahk looks a bit odd to have regular arms and claws.

This is where I got the claw idea from. Seemed a bit more practical compared to the “backpack” claws in my previous designs.

For Example: Before

and After


I think it would be very interesting.

I love the overall look for the most part, though I’d prefer a draconian or demonic look for Turahk. That being said, it seems to be pretty ingrained in the public consciousness, no there’s little point in me making such a fuss.

I do think that their weapons could use some work, so I whipped something up for fun that was similar to the old staffs for the Rahkshi, but creates more diverse opportunities for fight scenes.

Turahk: Clawed staff; Terror Staff
Gurahk: Bladed spear; Particle Halberd
Lerahk: Twin-bladed scythe; Venom Talon (very much inspired by the other snake BIOINICLE, Vastus)
Kurahk: Double-ended mace; Crystal Mace
Panrahk: Twin-tipped double spear; Shatter Lance
Vorahk: Double-ended axe; Energy Axe

Maybe I should switch Panrahk and Gurahk’s weapon designs…

Oh look they Reanimated one of Oomatus older threads.

Currently, Guurahk is erosion and Panrahk is mirages. So those weapon names may need adjusted.

Particle Lance (still works in the erosion connotation), and Spellbinder Halberd (Thok reference)
Given that the Brotherhood ARE trying to revive Makuta, it’s only appropriate. (The thread revival I mean.)

I know that the new rahkshi are Makuta fused with rahi, but I’m still interested in 36 different rahkshi. That may be a bit too far though. Also, are there any clarification which rahi they are fused with? I’m thinking those rahi could thrive in the corresponding regions. The fierce scorpion like rahi of po-koro (I am not skilled in the new places) or the serpentine rahi of Naho (This is embarrassing) etc.

I don’t think that there’s been any clarification. Also, to clarify, they’re members of the Brotherhood of Makuta - who are all Matoran as far as I know - fused with Rahi.

That being said, I’d assume that Panrahk is fused with a Nui-Jaga or a Catapult Scorpion, and Vohrak (or possibly Kurahk? not sure if they’re both bull-like or just one) with a Kane-Ra. Guurahk might potentially have been fused with a similar Rahi to the one Sokoda included in the Naho Boat.

I have to clarify this, they are not fused with rahi, they have devolved into half rahi due to the mask of time backfiring.

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I know that these are supposed to be the original rahkshi powers, but since this IS a reboot:
I dunno. just a suggestion. the models are great though.

I did this because I read the G3 and saw that the Rahagah become the rahkshi, and while Norik being the rahski of fear turahk made sense (it’s explained that he quote “feared expulsion from his kingdom; he feared moral inaccuracy; he feared embarrassment; he feared intimacy, and most of all, he feared his potential legacy.”
Being able to turn fear away from him onto others makes sense.
Anger is in this selection too.
But… I don’t feel that poison makes all too much sense seeing is iruni becomes lerahk.
That’s probably were deceit comes in- after all, Iruni and Vizuna were troublemakers and tricksters.
Not sure if “disintegration” would really make sense for gaaki’s backstory.
Then panrahk would be pouks, which is why I included resentment- I think. Resentment against his tribe for choosing ahkmou as the trader-king instead of his father. (that’s what the proposal was right?)

Anyway, I think my ramble is long enough for now.