G3 Rahshki Redesign [Concept Art]

Hello gathered friends!

I appreciate all of your recent feedback on my G3 toa designs, it was really warm welcome to the forums I’ll never forget! I am however, just getting started…

Lerahk. Rahkshi of Poison. Perhaps the most lackluster in color oringality, I feel this concept fell a little flat. I do however, love the snake and fang motif, and may expand upon it in the future.

Guurak. Rahkshi of Disintegration. Being realistic, I do not think it is reasible to have custom molds for each of the Rahkshi heads, but that is just my oppionion. My design reflects this by confensating the aquatic motifs in other areas. Tentacle whips for weapons.

Panrahk. Rahkshi of Fragmentation. No wings… sorry. Instead I placed back mounted claws much like G2 Pohatu Unifier. I’m open to adding secondary weapons to his hands, but for now it feels a little busy.

Kurahk. Rahkshi of Anger. Ok, so in theory this guys would have the same custom torso at Onua. In theory. I dropped the element of electricity for now in respect to the original concept.

Turahk. Rahkshi of Fear. He’s far from itsy bitsy, he’s the stuff of nightmares. Colors are a bit experimental, feel free to leave your opinions.

Vorahk. Rahkshi of Absorption. While Onua has vibrant greens, I felt this guys could have the colors of dying plants. Having powers of absorbtion, he a polar opposite to Onua’s powers of growth and generation.
Also, I am unacquainted with Mixel joints, so the leg is size is just guesswork.* shrugs *

Here is some minifig anatomy.

I recently became a 10$ dollar patron on Patreon, and I have some questions about some of the perks pertaining to Discord and custom badges and titles. What would be the best way to reach you?

EDIT: These concepts are not mine. Credit to the artist(s), you know who you are.


These guys are great! Turahk’s color scheme is really cool, and Vorahk is awesome.

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You are probably my new favorite member of the boards.

I can tell you that it’s not the patreon comments, because I’ve been asking over there to no avail.


What I’ve got to say has already been said on your Toa Drawings Topic. Additionally, I love how you’ve even sketched out how the pieces would be placed on the minifigure.

That being said, I should note that the mixel joints are FAR too big to be used on Vorahk without looking horrendously disproportionate. Still, they’ve managed to apply Grievous legs to Darth Maul using a special pelvis piece, so I imagine a similar mold can be applied to Vorahk instead.

As for colors, I won’t lie- I’m a bit meh on Turahk having white, as I feel like I’m seeing it a bit too much (even if I’m not). Also, I feel like Panrahk’s shoulder claws stick out too much for me in terms of color- The silver and blue make it seem as if he’s wielding ice weapons, although maybe I just needed to look at the thing as a whole.

That’s a fair assessment all around. I’ll look into the grevious hip/leg for future reference. Also, I completely overlooked the fact that I used white on two different characters… it bugs me too. Finally, I do see where you are coming from with the Panrahk design, and it is noted. :grin:

Hear, hear! (In regards to him being the best new member- I literally have no knowledge or experience with Patreon whatsoever)

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In reference to the personalities and backstory of the Rahkshi, I explored this in another topic and would love to hear what you think about it. It should be noted that at several points in this exploration I meantion the “Toa Trials” which relates to an idea of mine for a neighboring island where matoran are trained in temples to become Toa.


I do like all of the concepts (although the white on Turahk bugs me) you made, but I feel like Vorahk should stay the Rahkshi of hunger because I like the idea of him being a creature that can never satisfy his hunger, so he eats everything he comes across. but thats just what I think. concept still looks great though!


PMing us here generally gets things done.

As for Discord, you’ll need to link your Patreon account to your Discord account in your account settings. You should automatically be added to the chatroom. If not, you might need to cancel and then reapply your donation, and if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact Patreon support.

(also, man, love those designs. I feel like the structure of the Matoran build is what sells it for me. I do miss Guuthulu’s tentacle beard, though)


Which podcast member should we be bothering? Because I’m pretty sure messaging Prpl or Meso will get people nowhere…

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for some reason I especially love the Vohrahk

I’m not really feeling the white head on Turahk though


These are amazing! Different without destroying the core of what rahkshi are.

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neat oh :ok_hand:

with how you show of the head and armor mold, i can see this work.

i would love to see you try and make some more concept art for other designs of G3, like the villagers for example.

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Again, these are absolutely fantastic.

Keep it up, these are great! Before I wasn’t entirely sold on minifigures-based Bionicle characters, but all this amazing artwork has done it.

These are by far my favourite rakhshi art work on the boards.
Keep up the good work!

You also used red for the secondary of two of them.

My advice would be make turahk red and, say, lime?

That said these are alright, some go a little too far from the original, but generally they work.
Still don’t like the element changes though.

Kurahk’s looking absolutely fabulous with those pink stripes. He’s even got toenail polish.


Nah, Meso’s gr8.

These are all very captivating visually, especially the designs of Gurahk and Vorahk.

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