G3 Scene Pitch: Takua's Revelation [Story][Pitch][Characters]

I wrote two scenes earlier today, and technically I'm supposed to be writing a second part to one, but I had a really good idea for the inclusion of Takua in Brickonicle. Takua would be a Matoran, and we'd meet him near the beginning. Takua is just a Chronicler, and even though people familiar with the original might be expecting him to become the seventh Toa, he stays the Chronicler forever in this version. He's the one who ends up having to explain the masks and what they are (as discussed in TTV Podcast 240) to the Toa. He also gives the explanation for the whole star analogy. Here's the actual scene where he has to tell them. This is, of course, assuming that Takua is in G3 canon, but I think he should be. Just read the scene.

P.S. The script references the two other scenes I wrote, so if you haven't read those, they're in my previous two posts. It's not all that important, though.


Edit: I just saw the Chronicler's Company post, so at least I know Takua's nearly canon now. I'll probably include them in some later scenes.


This feels more like it would fit better in literature than Brickonicle.

The Brickonicle tab is for anything Brickonicle related. That includes fanfics. Seeing as the scene explains something exclusive to Brickonicle, it fits better here, imo

Nice, like what you have here so far.