G3 Set Concept: Kurahks Snowmobil

Hi I’m Sokoda and I love the G3 Brickonicle Discussion. Thats why I tried to build a little set for the theme as an example how sets could look.

The Set includes Kurahk, a Rahkshi-Style Snowmobil and a little scenery to represent Ihus landscape.

1. Kurahk:

To build Kurahk I only used existing Lego pieces, althoug Lego would probably make a new piece for the Rahkshi heads or spines.
The printing is inspired by some desingn elements from the original Rahkshi, like the Kraata-shape in his Chest armor, the shape of Kurahks spikes and his staff. Aditionally I includet some technologic or pneumatic looking parts.

2. The Snowmobil:

The Snowmobil is shaped like a Rahkshi head and uses some old Bionicle-pieces.

Hidden in the Rahkshi-head are some springloaded shooters, which can be fired by pushing a button in the back of the Snowmobil

4. Ihu scenery

The Ihu-scenery includes a little easter-egg to the good old MNOG and a signpost.

I hope you like this little set of mine



Hi Sokoda here,
I decided to add a Kopaka Minifigure to this Set, because I initially wanted to add one, but I didn’t know how to do the mask and the cape (which is not in the LDD). Now I have a bit more experience in doing such stuff so I made two Images to add here that show the Kopaka minifigure alona and with the rest of the set.

I hope you like it


Very nice. I could definitely see this being an actual set.


yeah I tried to build the set similar to actual Ninjago or Nexo Knights sets


It’s a great little set. Nice work.

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I’d buy it. Are you planning on making any others for Brickonicle?

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yes I am!
I have some Ideas especially for the civil war but i need to know the matoran looks^^


This should help!
Aswell as: This, This, This, This, This and This

Really love this!


are those official?
are the legs now long or short?
but thanks


Legs are Canon long, I believe. The designs are all fan-made.
The Toa designs pinched at the top of the boards are all canon.

There are no official designs for the Rahkshi, although @Oomatu’s art is used very often by the cast, so you might use that.


year I konw about the toa designs. And I tried to base my Rakshi design on @Oomatu.
But I’m not sure about the Matoran legs


Wow, this is really amazing! I absolutely love it!

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This isn’t a real set? :stuck_out_tongue:


As a concept, this is really fantastic. As a set, I’d say that it would be even better. Mind if I ask what you used to render the scene?

Keep up the great work, man.


This looks great. my only critique is that this set could use a toa or matoran to battle the rahkshi. Other than that, this is well designed and looks official.


@Zero yeah, if this would be a real set I would have included a Toa as well, but I built it with LDD, thats why I couldn’t do the Masks. So I decidet to not feature a Toa in this Images

@Azani The Program is called LDD to POV-Ray

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Ah, alrighty. Yeah, I thought that it might have been POV-Ray, but I wasn’t dead certain. Hey, thanks!

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Great MOC! How did you get the custom prints into LDD, though?

The program I use to render the images allows to switch the ldd prints with custom prints

Whether it be the rendering of the image or just the overall design, this looks like it could actually be an official set. An additional Matoran would be nice, but this is otherwise well designed.

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How did you make the custom prints? I didn’t know things like that could be imported into LDD.