G3 Set Concept: Takea Submarine

The whole Gukko thing and my recent…attempts to build a Takea got me thinking about Defilak’s submarine from City of the Lost, so I decided to have a muck around. This is the first ship of any sort I’ve made in LDD, so it’s pretty rough around the edges.

The minifigures are kinda difficult to see due to the rendering program, but they’re based on Defilak, Gar, Idris, and Sarda purely as an Easter Egg at this point rather than suggesting that those specific Matoran would end up in that situation again.

Updated base shot, which I may have fallen in love with. Yes, I know that I need sincere help.

Features two stud shooters, a claw grab, two side windows, and stakes on a gear at the back, as the one in the book did.

EDIT: View with the bubbles opened, and with larger side fins.

And a view from the back, with the fourth minifigure visible as well.

This is probably the most sketchy part; is the gear too small, or the back too fat?

Side on view, with larger gears. Really makes it look like una bongo.

Accuracy be darned, that looks better to me.


It’s certainly a good start, I’d need to see some more pictures to give a bit more criticism but perhaps make the fins larger? The colours are good and the claw is well designed.


I think only the side fins should be larger, with the top fin staying the same. Aside from that, I love it!

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Added a few more pictures.


The fins are small, but it looks great.


I really like the shaping of this

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I can’t take complete credit for that. I had to look up the Agents helicopter set just to figure out how to get the canopy added on, which contributed significantly.

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