G3 Toa artwork

If you can't beat'em...

Make concept art for'em.

Applied filter to try to correct the colors.

If people are interested I'll make the rest of the toa, otherwise, I'll probably just make Pohatu and be done.


Something about the arm printing looks a little weird, but this is a nice concept otherwise. I like the expression on Lewa's face; it fits his character well.


That's just the angle, I'll admit it looks a little weird, arm printing looks weird from the front.

hehe, yeah,

For a moment, I thought that was human printing beneath the green :stuck_out_tongue:

What color is that? Brown?

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It's just greyscale, the lighting played with the colors a bit, let me see...

I think that did it, messed with some filters and I think I color corrected well enough.

she doesn't look half bad.

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Unfortunately I can't actually color poor pohatu as I don't seem to have orange or brown anything, if anyone wants to take a crack at it feel free, just remember the tribal marking.

Also, I ask is anyone wanting me to draw the other toa? Because if not I'm most likely not going to.

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