G3 Toa Kaita Poll

I mean, interconnecting sets are cool. But yeah, G1's way of doing combiners died when G3 moved to system.

Here's the problem: any situation that would require the power of a Kaita would involve a large and powerful opponent, like Makuta, or the last opponents before Makuta (like the manas). Lego lines making their big villain sets BIG, and a big set with only a two or three characters (The villain and either one or both of the Kaita) probably wouldn't go well, because people like to get a lot of minifigs in their big sets.

And this.

It made more sense, yeah, but that was when BIONICLE was constraction. Some people obviously want to keep the Kaita in G3, so there has to be a compromise.
I had some ideas, but StSc's suggestion of not using actual combiners is a better one.

I think there could and should be a balance of both. The Toa have always been about clever solutions to their problems, but a hefty serving of brawn accompanying the brains can't hurt.

You're thinking way too narrowly. If a six-member Kaita was used as a "last stand" against a monster, it would be just that - a last stand device in the final year of the first arc. It wouldn't be used over and over throughout the arc or later arcs - that doesn't even go along with what was original proposed here. I was using that element of PR to demonstrate my point, not proclaim it a model we should follow to the letter.

Keep in mind we're building G3 from the ground up, so we can impose any rules necessary to keep things sensible. In G1, the Kaita could only remain formed for as long as the Toa maintained concentration. It could be a similar situation in G3 to explain why the Toa don't just use the Kaita for everything, as the bigger they go, the more difficult it becomes.


Not if we made the Kaita actual characters.

The sets could still contain the regular Toa, army buildable villains, and the like.
Also I feel like the Kaita would only be their own small sets in year one, were they'd be regular minifigs since they would only be combinations of two toa.


One of the things I was never that fond of was the kaita, and with bionicle moving to system I have no problem with dropping them,

however I suggest an alternative,
Have the toa have vehicles that combine, rather than combining the toa themselves.

If they don't actually combine I refuse to call them kaita, I'm sorry, if you want the characters to combine in the story the sets have to do the same,
It feels disingenuous to say characters combine and then make it an unrelated set, it goes against Lego as a toy.

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I kinda like that idea, but IDK...

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Except for it would otherwise there would always be the question: why didn't they just use the Kaita?

The problem here is that the more you do something the easier it becomes, what's to stop them from training for a month and then whipping out the Kaita for every problem they have?

Still not really making much sense to me.

This makes much more sense but doesn't really work well with a tribal theme and also doesn't solve this problem:

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I really disagree.
Is it against lego as a toy because the Ninja can't magically become their NRG forms?

I really dislike this idea, and how would it work?
Would it not just end up being mechs?

So we've established the idea of year one having 2 Toa per Kaita, and the number going up each year. I feel that for the first year the Kaita should just be Minifigs sold in their own sets.

And each year the Kaita would get bigger and more intricately built as well as being integrated into other sets.



If the toa were created with the ability to combine into a much more powerful being, why weren't toa created in that form to start with?

Because it would require Unity.
Just because the power exists doesn't mean you can instantly make something that is worthy to use it.


None of that was established. It was thrown out there and was largely ignored only reviving a passing comment that it would be headache.

I agree with this personally as well. Maybe not as extremely as Payinku (I'm not sure I'd refuse to call them kaita) but I'm behind his basic point.

Can someone translate so I can properly respond?

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Why not?

Why not create the kaita as a permanent being made up of 2 or 6 other minds? There's no reason not to.

Yeah. I never said it was decided. I said it was established as an idea.

Because who knows if the minds could use the power?
These are biomechanics. They aren't just robots who you program to do what you want.
These are six people trying to share the same body.

It was one of Ninjago's first "power up modes" they were sold as replacement figures, and as such the ninja figures couldn't actually become them.


That's a major contradiction. If the minds couldn't handle the power, than kaitas shouldn't be possible at.

@StudentScissors My major point is this: if you have god like beings capable of creating races with superpowers, there's no reason to handicap those super powered beings that are meant to defend their race.

ancient machines locked away for eons in forgotten ruins across the island, the toa must find these machines and unify in order to stop the threat looming over their home.

Make the kaita literally run off the toa's energy, and taking cues from the exo-toa, while the machines grant them immense physical power they severely Nerf their elemental abilities while operating them.

That is clearly not the same thing, if the individual toa got upgrades I could see a point to releasing them as ultimates, but they're not, they're being combined.

In layman's terms, yes, however they would all be vastly different, imagine the g2 creature designs as piloted ancient war machines for a rough idea.

I don't think you understand what I mean. The minds all have the potential to use the power.
They can learn to do it.
They can't just do it though.

Then why not have them be the G3 Exo toa instead?

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I disagree with the "limiting elemental ability" aspect, but yeah, having the Kaita run off of the Toa's energy (and concentration) would solve the problem of them being "OP." It's worth noting that other franchises have incorporated this energy-draining element into their characters capable of achieving super powerful modes, so it's not exactly farfetched.


The word you're looking for is suggested.

Then you get into the whole Metru Nui/Fallout thing of more advanced technology existing in the past and the whole post apocalyptic thing, and everything just gets super complicated. Where did these machine come from? Who made them? How did they get there?

If it effectively makes them more powerful, that is a small price to pay.

Also this.

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Then why not create being that can? If you want a story where "Great Beings" are involved, you can't get around that.

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Except the great beings wouldn't be hindering the Toa. They wouldn't be in control of how mature or united the minds they make are.

You're making the assumption the Great Beings really are omnipotent God like beings.

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They can create life apparently, And give that life whatever powers they want. There's no reason why they couldn't make kaita as a race of some kind through some means. Or even just a single toa with all the elements under his control.

At this point I have to wonder why anyone wants kaita at all. They are not needed. A G3 story can run without them fairly easily.