G3 Toa Kaita Poll

And for that matter, why would the Great Beings (or whoever created the Toa) have to have programmed the Kaita into the Toa in the first place in order for the Kaita to exist?

The GBs were never portrayed as omniscient, omnipotent deities. The Kaita forms could be something the Toa achieve in a spiritual manner as opposed to being programmed into them. Again, the Toa are part organic. They have some sort of soul to speak of, and that aspect needs to play a part.

Nobody's really talked yet about why the Toa exist in G3 in the first place. If they were initially created solely to deal with smaller threats (in which case larger, more powerful entities would exist elsewhere), then that would explain why the GBs didn't just make them Kaita. But the whole point of the Toa is that they grow and learn over time, overcoming the boundaries that were intended to keep them in place and breaking new ground in the process.

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If this were true, then that would mean the toa could restructure their beings and fuse by use of their souls. Explaining how and why this would be complicated. Too complicated to make it worthwhile.

I agree that a baseline for why toa exist at all should be established before you get to talking about the kaita.

That's part of the mystery, that thing everyone praises g1 for.

Do you remember that the toa had to lose the exo-toa to beat the bahrag, same concept, they can fight the bad guys more easily but they need to use their elemental abilities to defeat them.

I'm saying that effectively you combine the exo-toa and kaita into a single thing, rather than two abilities that are used once and forgotten about.

But there could be a reason.
All it takes is saying: The Great beings could only safely harness 1 element at atime.

That's it. Problem solved.

I'd like to say I'm going to drop out of this debate. Not out of anger or anything, this aint no rage quit :stuck_out_tongue: I just feel it might be a bit too early to have this conversation, since as I've noticed already, there isn't really a good foundation to argue off of. We know so little about "G3" and I personally feel it might be a good idea too hold back the debates until we know what "G3" actually is.

That being said, you guys can go on arguing/ pitching ideas.

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G1 always explained it's mysteries.

In time, you're asking me to show the whole deck before the game.

The game is theoretical, and we aren't the ones playing.

The only thing I think is worth restating is that we still don't need kaita in G3. A story can be written without them very easily. The idea doesn't actually add anything to the characters themselves and it requires a lot of explanation to make any lick of sense.

It's fat. We don't need it.

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I'm fact it actually becomes easier!

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Alright, I haven't thought that far ahead, I'm just saying it's a perfectly viable option.

I agree,
if we change them into vehicles it's a good basis for set ideas, and makes it way less contrived.

@Payinku what would be the point of vehicles? Vehicles don't really work for this setting

I mean, the makuta will get rahi in their sets, are you suggesting the heroes of the line get nothing?
You have to give the good guys sets too, and there can only be so many scenery pieces, so giving the toa kaita in the form of ancient machines is a logical way of evening the good/bad ratio.
How op are suggesting we make the toa, to be able to take on the Makuta and their rahi on their own?

If every set consists of a set piece, and both good and bad guys fighting then that problem doesn't exist.

So you're suggesting making the entire line nothing but set pieces and minifigs?
How about no.
I'd like it to not suck thanks.

I never said nothing but set pieces and minifigs, I said both good and bad.

Also vehicles were brought up on the podcast early on and were met with general distaste.

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Yes you did, maybe you misspoke, but that's what you said.

Well, var said the cast can be convinced to change things, perhaps my idea is a more palatable approach than what they were picturing.

No I said "good and bad guys fighting." That statement does not equal "nothing but minifigures," you are the one who has misunderstood. And even if it was nothing but minifigures and set pieces, themes have done well with just that, Lego Minecraft comes to mind.

Rahi that minifgs could ride fits better than hi-tech vehicles.

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I think that they could combine onua, Tahu, lewa, kopaka, and gali and have pohatu or someone else's be a weapon

So the Makuta get rahi, and the toa get?

Yeah, in the 80's and early 90's.

Lego Minecraft is a licensed theme of the largest building game, it's not a fair comparison in the slightest.

So, those chima beasts? They didn't sell that well from what I know, besides, I'm not suggesting the toa get sleek futuristic mechs and planes and things, I'm suggesting ancient animalistic machines. Like clay's falcon-jet thing crossed with the living statues from pharaoh's quest, sorta.