G3 Toa Kaita Poll

How is the set?

So, having a good business strategy is a bad thing?
You remember that throwing idea at the wall to see what sticks got them in bad shape right?

You brought up g2 before I could, you know what constraction is still going? Star Wars, a licensed theme, constraction is basically on the life support of brand recognition.

There is such a thing as an overcorrection.

Yes, constraction is dead, but that is irrelevant to this discussion.

Pretty neat I guess. I was 11 or 12 when I first got it, so it's kind of hard to remember!:stuck_out_tongue:

The dragon was cool; it had standard articulation for the time, but I did enjoy the "fold-able" wings. I liked the skeleton helicopter; it was a nice edition that I think benefited the set well.

Overall, it was not to shabby for it's time It was the biggest of the original dragons, so it better had been good!:stuck_out_tongue: , but today's dragons are so much better! (even if I don't own any of the newer ones!)

@Payinku Here's a link.

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Not at all, my point is that brand recognition is keeping it alive, through a licensed theme, and Minecraft is a licensed theme, so I argue that's the reason it's successful, despite the set design not being successful on its own.

I meant deeplink a picture, should have worded that better.

How's this: http://www.chowrentoys.com/assets/images/Product%20Images/Ninjago/Chowrentoys.com-LEGO-Ninjago-Sets-2521-1.jpg

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It still looks bigger than the regular dragons.

Except we don't know that. There's no proof of it. The only examples we have of structure sets are large and expensive, And they do well, just not very well because they are large and expensive. You can't tell me the design doesn't work when it's never been tried.

Perhaps, I don't know the sizes of today's dragons, so I can't confirm anything there.:grinning:

(But this is getting off topic; if you want to know more about the set, I'd recommend looking at reviews on YouTube for it)

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What about all the older themes? Do those not count? Lego obviously moved away from small structures for a reason.

You don't have a channel?

What older themes used smaller structures?

One could argue that they don't as children's interests have changed over time. Constraction used to be popular, now it's dead.

exuse me @Payinku but what kind of vehicles do you wish the toa to use exactly?

do you want the old tech vehicles that we usually see in something like Knights Kingdom for example:

or do you want High tech vehicles that we see in modern story themes like Ninjago?

Because i personaly am against high tech vehicles in G3, and i really don't want them to just become "LEGO Power Rangers Bionicle", which is what some people here have suggested as the way to keep the Toa Kaita around in G3.


I do, but it's got, like, nothing on it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I know some such as @Matanui606 say that kaita can't be made with minifigs, but, and this is my own personal thoughts, why can't one just mash the two minifigs together?

For example, how the Lego minifigure Series instructions are set up.

Take a body from one guy, the legs from another, and so on and so forth, until you have your Kaita minifig. And as @ReeseEH and @StudentScissors suggested, you could add more to the possibilities of combinations with each year (year 1 - two minifig combo, year 2- three minifig combo, year 3- six minifig combo), until you have one piece from each toa for year three.


That sounds horrifying.

It would still be just minifig sized, which doesn't really scream super powered ultra being, plus they would look even more janky than the 01 kaita.

Not saying that's terrible but they'd need to do some creative design to avoid making some horrible color schemes by doing that.

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Castle, space, a bunch of 90's themes I can't remember the names of.

Functionally they would behave more closely to the high tech vehicles, but they would be designed completely differently, I wouldn't want them to look anything like the high tech vehicles, I'd make them look ancient and almost like the living statues from Pharaoh's quest.
Tell you guys what, I'll do some concept art.

Both of these had vehicles.

Probably a good plan.

Yeah, I didn't mean they were exclusively structures, just that they had small structures.

I'm pretty sure all of those sets also had small vehicles, and they sold fairly well from what I can recall.