G3 Toa Kaita Poll


here's an idea:

sets containing the kaita;

have a set, that contains the 2-3 minifigs used in the kaita, and have the same set come with a brickbuilt version of the kaita itself?

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well then, there's only 2-3 real options for kaita, then:

1) have a crap ton of combiner kibble on their backs,
2) have the toa be brick-built figures
3) have the kaita be the combo minifigs, with them staying the same size,

or not do them at all.

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And that's where a large amount of the discussion has led.

They don't have to be all powerful, they could just gain a combination of elements (I suggested this in Post 6), or, if you prefer them being all powerful, then just let the toa use this ability once. It would take away the "form a kaita every time" problem, and give the toa reason to work out different/better sollutions. It's kindof like a one-time-use-only Nova Blast.

Personally, I could see G3 work with or without the Kaita. I could see Lego using it as a "creativity" or "Unity" selling point, especially if this G3 got a TV show.

soo... you mean something along the lines of this?

by the way, this is what you guys basicly are saying you want with the minifigures combining:

or there is the fourth option, have the Kaita characters Akamai and Wairuha be separate characters from the Toa like i suggested.

fair point. I'm just going by @Matanui606's qualifications

Why wouldn't they be able to do it again? Saying "they can only use this ability once" is preposterous unless the ability kills them or takes away their elemental powers or some other reason it wouldn't work a second time.

I've thought about this a lot, and I wouldn't have a problem with the characters being integrated into the mythology as spirits of wisdom and valor, I'm more opposed to the existence of the traditional kaita as they don't really make sense in system.

This is honestly what I was thinking would happen; after, they would become the equivalents of Turaga (or whatever they're going to be called). They're are still toa (and toa sized) but now that they don't have elemental powers, they could just be warrior elders, or something.

How is this in any way helpful from a story perspective?

So that the turaga actually know how to fight, as they are toa as well.
Plus retaining their size and strength keeps them from just wacking the rahkshi with a stick.

I'm confused, exactly how are you seeing the story unfold exactly?

Well considering we don't know anything about the world, matoran, turaga (if they even exist), etc. I can't really give you an answer.

I just thought it would be a pretty cool idea, that's all.

Yeah, pretty much aesthetically that, I was leaning more towards the guardians in my head.

That just sticks parts of the figures onto a separate skeleton, I can see a ton of parts that aren't on the figures.

Honestly I'm not against this, and I'm totally with you on the traditional kaita don't work in system,
but I'd still want to repurpose the ancient machines idea as I really think it could work out great.

Yeah, I'm not completely sure, but I definitely think it should be at all related to the Kaita, too voltron-y for Bionicle in my opinion. As for ancient machines in general, probably should be another topic where the idea is better laid out.

I like the idea that the Kaita are more than just a fusion, but are also a summoning of a powerful spirit.

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Indeed, in fact, as I work on the designs I realize these work better as their own thing and we should simply drop the kaita.

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If G3 was system I sort of see a kaita less as a combo of the characters bodies but more of a combination of powers

So they put their powers together to summon these dudes to fight alongside in an epic battle or something.

The kaita themselves could be similar to the many mechs lego has done just styled as a combination of Toa powers.

They could also be a meld of system and constraction in a small call back to the line's past.

Only the Kaita, master of all 6 elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. Then 6 elemental heros came and just became the almighty kaita


How would Kaita work with minifigs? Would they have mechs or something to do the combining?