G3 Toa Kaita Poll

I believe the Kaita should stay the way they are.

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but then how would that work with the minifigures?

They wouldn't be actual combiners, they would be Constraction/Mixel builds.

but we've already decided that the toa are gonna be minifigures.

Maybe they could have transforming vehicles!

Or we could put the Minifigures together

but then how would that work.

I swear, we're re-treading ground here.

As discussed on the podcast, the Toa Kaita would only be fusions lore-wise, but as sets they would be their own individual Constraction model.

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To reiterate the opinion I gave in my first post:

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I don't necessarily agree, I think that would only apply if we were using Constraction. No one expects Minifigs to actually combine.

Minifigs can't combine, so neither can the characters.

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You can mix their torsos? I guess....

The characters could still combine to form Mixel built titans. Or we could introduce new minifigures for them. Or we conceptually create a new mold, kind of like the Axel figs. Or we just use the term Kaita to refer to a similar concept.

Those seem to be the most likely options.


so I made a topic to go with this one

Feels like cheating, the kaita don't transfer to system well and there's nothing stopping you from dropping them or using their names elsewhere, you've been doing it for everything else.

I don't really think it's cheating. It's just another thing they're adapting for the system change. It'd be like saying it's cheating to not give the Toa elbow articulation just because they're minifigures now.

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How is that an equivalent?

Because it's a restriction system has that they've chosen to work with.

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The kaita are a concept that doesn't need to be included, minifigs not having elbow articulation is a design limitation that's unavoidable. They aren't equivalent.

Though I will concede they aren't exactly equivalent, they briefly tossed around the idea of specialized minifigures a while back but chose to use the standard ones instead. But that doesn't mean they intended on dropping the concept of elbow articulation. It's just another limitation we have to work around. And if they can't find a good solution, there will be no Kaita. But I think they should at least try.