G3 Toa Kaita Poll

Make them like Steven Universe fusions. Heck, thats sorta like they were in 2001 before SU, just expand uppon it with various combinations and body shapes (fusions with woody legs, some with four arms, some with three arms, some are huge groot size...)

Each kaita fusion would have a mixed color scheme of all the toa fused. Their abilities and weapons would also be a mix of both.

@TeslaEffect Continuing from that other topic, the Steven Universe comparison doesn't quite work in Bionicle's universe because then there has to be a reason for them to combine, or it just seems like a random additional power that doesn't have a lot of place in the story. I think including them as a set-only thing could be cool though.

Reason to combine: More powerful and different element combinations. A reason can always be found, its just if it will work or not with the story they want to convey or will just add in more complexity thats not needed to already jumbled thematic full thing. Its their choice anyways.

They could be minifigure size, they could be xonstructible brick figs...or we can use this to have the Kaita as constractible ultra builds and have ultra builds be part of the story as titan colossus things.

well, if this has devolve into spitballing kaita ideas, then i got one stupid one:

Large-scale, brickbuilt, combining figures.

like, Ant Man-style figures, but with a transformation aspect to them.

i dunno, it was a thought. a thought i put way too much time into, since i've already thought out the transformations.

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Different element combinations and more power sounds cool and everything, but the issue still stands that it kind of boils down to a pointless power thats existence doesn't work. I just can't think of a reason for the toa to combine. Assuming a reason could be found, you'd still have to figure out whether he/she would be a whole different being or some weird thing controlled by all the toa at once.

I can also say the same thing about the Nuva power ups. Kaita fusion would be another method to prolong the lines existence thats not an unfamiliar thing for Bionicle. The artificial power scaling is a trope lego uses constantly for their, to put it bluntly, shonen like lines.

Maybe it can be a post 3 years thing. Dumber reasons in other Lego lines have been made in the past, specially in long lasting lines like Bionicle and Ninjago.

I don't really see how this would prolong the lines existence from a story perspective. Again i'm fine with them being in the sets as a cool special feature but I don't see that on its own being something that can make Bionicle last longer.

This kind of gives more reason to say no to this. If it's a dumb idea then it's be best to avoid it all together, even if it's "less" dumb.

Hard to argue against the idea if the company just wants you to do more from the line despite if you clearly have a definitive end for it. Backups for potential expansions is a given, even TTV has some story ideas already for the 3+ plan.

Kaita at the end of the day if there is no way to include it in the 3 year story plan, there is room for it for the years beyond the initial three. As a backup idea when other ideas were used for the initial 3 years.

It's not a very good backup plan though. I get the impression you think this would make them sell better and be a good addition. But it's sort of just a tiny little gimmick that wouldn't go very far, it's just a nice add on.
It would have to have some build up to after the 3 years because it might be just a little to sudden if it randomly popped in during the fourth year.

Well thats what you currently think, but objectively its an option just like any other. The Kaita can be done in anyway to be honest, they dont need to be reimagined in the concepts I pitched.

Kaita should not be excluded from existing. A way for it to be incorporated can always be found. The feel that it just popped out out of nowhere would be if you planned it badly since it feels forced. There are ways to no make it so with clever writting or repesentation that leads to a posability of Kaita being a thing.

This is true, but really, the only way I can see it working is having it be set only. I could be proven wrong and be shown ways of how this could be a really great new thing for Bionicle. But as a concept for a story it just falls flat.

Yes, but incorporated well?

I'm not just referring to story, I'm referring to sets. If we're talking about a line with Toa as minifigures, isn't there a shot a combined form of 3 toa would end pretty weirdly? At that point, it might not even be recognizable (which sorta defeats the purpose)


I dont see arguments for it to fail at story form. Not of there is some exact world foundation basis that makes concepts like Kaita not an option that most of us dont have access to in an easy to reach way.

It just doesn't make any sense. In G1, it's just an extra power that was just thrown in because it seemed cool. If you want it to work, they're has to be some sort of mythos behind it and reason it's significant to the story.

I could be shown ways it works in sets but in minifigure form, but right now, as @Shlomo_Rosenberg pointed out, it's just kind of weird in minifig form.

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Story only goes so far. This is Lego. This is a toyline, and not only is it a toyline, but it's one where toys take priority over story. If it can't be made to work well as a toy, it can't work well in story.

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The "it was just this back then" is rather pointless of a reason, since thing if they dont want to constant blantant copies of the previous, they change over time in newer reimaginings.

Also reasons for its inclusion into the story can be found. The openness for an EU need to exist for that...unless you want for your universe to have an exact limit right of the back. The limit can still work fine. Its just if you want to exand beyond a certain point, expect to have a basis for expansion otherwise everything you add afterwards would feel forced.

Again, "the if it cant work like this, it wont work like this" is also false since these things are not fully conected in a way to limit or effect the other in a way you expressed. There are numerous examples, even in Lego, when something didnt work in set or phisical form, but worked in the story media and vice a versa.

If it's a different thing, why are we even talking about the Toa Kaita? Theoretically, the Mata Nui robot could come back as just some random bot. There's no point in arguing the Kaita could work if you're not referring to them as the only thing we know them as.

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Well I'd like to hear a reason as to how it could work. Unfortunately, from everything that's been deducted thus far, there's been no reasonable explanation given as to how they could exist. The reason I brought up G1 is because this hypothetical reimagining is still within the limits of what Lego would do, and there isn't a whole lot they have to work with.

Also wrong since without a doubt G3 is a way different thing from G1 in terms of how it portrays its world, while still retaining core elements. The same would apply to the Kaita while also reimagining them to fit into G3.

Purist mentality is rather pointless to have in most levels (not all levels) when you are going in with a new reimagining like G3.

Of course it would most likely be different, but I think you didn't read an important point he made.

We have no other frame of reference besides what already exists.

What I'm asking for is far from purism, I said I don't want Kaita in the story anymore. I think you might want to read posts more carefully before making assumptions.