Ga Koro Rescue (BRICKONICLE Contest Entry)

So this is my first (probably only) contest entry for the Brickonicle contest. This is like my second time using LDD, so its not as good as I’d like it to be. Would have been done faster but half way through building the Tarakava I stumbled across a few pieces to scale down the hut a bit.

Name: Ga Koro Rescue

Pieces: 181

Price: $19.99

An overview of the set

Minifigs: Gali, Nokama, Takua, and Macku

The Tarakava (which ended up looking better than I thought)

A few pictures of the hut


Some texturing on the hut would be nice because it kinda looks like an artificially-made done as opposed to something made out of leaves


I went down that path but it looked like a bunch of palm trees were sticking out of it.

Holy crap that tarakava is beautiful!


It’s a good concept, but my big issue with this is the lack of detailing. Everything is mostly made up of huge parts, as opposed to useful bricks and such.