Gabi V2

Name: Gabi (GA-bee)
Race: Ga-Matoran
Element: Water
Kanohi: Kakama
Weapon: Small sword
Affiliation: Knights of Castra Nui
Personality: Gabi talks. A lot. She almost never stops talking, much to the annoyance of everyone around her. Besides that, she’s very energetic and excited.
Bio: Gabi was a Matoran on Castra Nui that befriended Talupus. They are good friends, even though Talupus gets annoyed with Gabi talking so much.

Torso was inspired by this.


Not bad. my only critique is the arms, the way they attach to the body bugs me.


small and cute… 8/10 Shoulders need some work

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@ProfSrlojohn @SonicBionicleMaster Thanks! The shoulders definitely need work.

Shoulders are a pain.

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Great job! Personally, I think the torso could use some blue pieces, to match the color scheme.

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Thanks! Not enough blue was the problem with the last one to.

I looooooove those forearms! Really interesting pseudo-steampunk aesthetic.

My main issue is with how messy the colour blocking is. Do you have the parts to make things one solid color?