Gafna (Rahaga/Metrutoran combo models)

Want a relatively easy way to own Gafna from the Voya Nui Online Game? Well, by taking a rahaga, and the same color/element of Metrutoran, you can build any of the six elemental variants of Gafna!

These models use the Rahaga’s rhotuka spinner functions on the tail, so you can have them fire their energy at any pesky Toa Inika that comes their way. Their kanohi is located on their bellies, so good luck weakening these rahi.

And as a bonus, here’s a protodermis Gafna, made using silver piece variants, the older translucent light blue eyepiece, and a grey hau.

Instruction video link:


I think that the mask on their stomach makes them look a bit too bulky, but other than that these look great!


The mask and head bits can always be left off if you’d prefer. I will be making an instruction vid soon, and will update the post to include the link when it’s done. I do need to catch up on them though, I have 7 to finish first. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of days though.

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Nice combo models! You managed to combine the Rahaga and Metrutoran pretty well!

I really like the builds, but they look very similar to Hydruka.

Perhaps a distant, land-dwelling species? Nice job either way!

Just read up on the Gafna, I find it very interesting they’re a Voya-Nui species…could it be likely they actually did mutate into Hydruka when Mahri-Nui formed??


Are they canon tho? :thinking:

The mocs looks nice nonetheless

The Gafna are canonical rahi, but their canonical appearance is only the sprites used in the Voya Nui Online Game. They have no canonical set design, but I tried mixing together a single rahaga and corresponding metrutoran and ended up with a design that looks similar to the sprites. So while these aren’t the canon representations, these are physical figures.

For example, this is the fire gafna, retrieved from BS01.