Galactic Council Member 1: Mintaka

Here is the first Member for my Galactic Council, which i based off the Primes from Transformers Prime and the Celestial Spirits from Fairy Tail. But i named them after stars, planets or Constellations.

I give you Mintaka. she is based of Solars Prime and Aries the ram.

the name Mintaka is one of the stars/ suns or is a nebular in Orions belt which when ever you look in the night sky in the autumn or fall its the bright star that is the highest point in the belt (well so i know from the source i found correct me if im wrong).

Mintaka’s weapon is a Hammer which she used to Forge the Element Belt.

(to make a quick note Mintaka has no neck so she has a hovering head)


The proportions are really off and the floating head looks kinda weird but I like this moc, it has a lot of personality


Extremely Cool!

I really like it. But I think the floating head would look better if another part of her body would float to. Her arms or hands for example.


looks good. reminds me of Zenyatta

i dont want to get to close to Rayman from the game Rayman

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Good piont.

The proportions are really distracting, but the colors are nice.

Aside from the random light blue on the back, the open studs on the arms, the kinda iffy exposed technic chest, and the no-real-face syndrome, I actually kinda like it.


Not bad, but the proportions are weird.

The floating head looks weird, i feel like it could use some armor around the head to make it seem more fitting. Also, covering the exposed studs with tiles would help imo. Cool Moc, with some minor flaws

I’m actually a fan of the simplicity and floating head.

The arms could use some blue, but other than that, this looks really good!

so you dont like the sleeveless look

Two suggestions- add some tiles or grill pieces to the arms, and add a blue throwbot foot instead of the light blue one. But over all, not bad.

This thing is weird.

I very much enjoy looking at it…

two problems there

  1. i dislike the Throwbots/ slizers line, the parts are good but just so boring

  2. she is suppose to have that style of arm its sleeveless

Just add a grey tile. It’ll still have the same effect.


It is a good MOC, but the head design while unique is very abstract.

I also think that the studs on the upper arms should be covered.


I really like it cant wait to see the others