Galactus The Devourer of Worlds (2 Foot Tall Marvel MOC.)

I’ve been sitting on this MOC for a few months, now I’ve finally gotten around to posting it. It’s a big one, 2 feet tall! This is Galactus the Devourer of Worlds from Marvel Comics:

It was difficult to fit the whole thing in the shot.

The arms are fully posable thanks to the Knights kingdom joints and the ball&socket bricks. The legs unfortunately do not move, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to stand. The head doesn’t move either.

He splits up into 10 pieces for easy transport.

The Silver Surfer, Galactus’s first herald (sort of.) He’s fully painted (heresy, I know.)

And here’s Nova, a later herald, and the surfer’s girlfriend.

This is Uatu the Watcher, he helped the Fantastic Four defeat Galactus in the original story.

Height Comparison to General Grievous:

The whole thing took around 10 hours to complete. I worked on it one to two hours every day for a week. Don’t ask me how many pieces it is, I have no idea and I don’t plan on counting! It’s the tallest MOC I’ve built by far. I know some of the pictures aren’t the best quality, but I hope this will be featured on the MOC Spotlight. @Ven


2 hours a week is 14 hours? But nonetheless he’s cool. And tall I have General Grievous and he makes him look tiny good job

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I said one to two hours per day, not two hours per day. Some days I had less time to work on it, so yes 10 hours was correct. Thank you for the compliments though!

Oh oops lol

In centimeters please.

60.96 cm

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there are free google measurement converters


Oh so its 0.6 of a meter, thats like a small kindergarden child. Most impressive.

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You also said that he splits up into 10 separate pieces for easy transport. By my count, there’s actually 11.
Cool MoC, though.

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No, it’s 10. There’s 2 boots, 2 arms, 2 horns, the lower half of the head, the upper half of the head, the legs which are one piece, and the torso.

Ah. Did not see that the legs were connected via his hips.
Criticism retracted, then.

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