Gali - 2001


Is that a bikini?..
I really cant tell what she has, doesnt look like the mata body

Well, it wasn’t suppose to be, but I guess it’s to late for that.

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Pretty cool! Also, is it a coincidence that I was just about to post my own sketch of Gali?

yep, it is

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Hey Yolo, I need to ask you to please stop double posting. It’s against the rules of the site. Please contain all your replies in one post.

Thank you.

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Yo! you’re really good, some things are off like the mask shape and the hands are REALLY small, but its really good regardless.

sure thing

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It’s a very good drawing! However I have to say that, other than the mask, I see very little (if none) of Gali Mata’s original design (like the Mata body piece, the leg piece, and the arm piece).I don’t know if it was intentional, but I don’t like this aspect of the drawing that much.