Gali 2015/16 Crossover MOC

Much like my Lewa crossover MOC, I decided to combine my favourite aspects of Gali 2015 and Gali 2016 to make an 'Ultimate Gali' of sorts. Rather than post all of the pictures here and make the post more cluttered, I recently make a flickr account so have posted all of the images here. Here is an image of the front of the MOC:

As always, constructive criticism is encouraged :smile:


More pictures would be great, but from what I can see, it looks good! My only critique would be to add a little more orange--perhaps by making the small armor pieces on her upper arms orange instead of gunmetal. I would also make both Vorox armor pieces on her feet orange, as the asymmetry isn't really working for me there, particularly because the rest of the MOC is symmetrical.

Other than that, nice work! The weapon is quite cool!

Very nice! I like your take on it. I recently posted my take on my 2015/2016 combiner, it didn't get many views or comments. Ah well.

Do you have a link? I'd love to see it.

@Toa_Heatwave did you click the link to the flickr album? I posted the other images there. In regards to the orange asymmetry, I liked the shaping that was created with 2016's orange asymmetry, so I attempted to replicate that here.

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Oh, my...aren't I silly. I completely glossed over the link!

Now that I see the other Vorox piece, I retract my critique on the orange. That definitely helps balance the colors out, and I now see the asymmetry.

Nicely done!

The MOC looks pretty cool, but it could have more orange.

She's good, but I would like to see the orange be better incorporated. It's only on her weapon and one foot. She's also a tad spindly. Overall, I feel she needs some work, but is very much on the way to being an excellent revamp!

Please click the link to my flickr account. There are more images there, which may show a little more orange...?