Gali 2016 MOC (want some input)

So I’m trying to fix the problems gali has. And I did fix my main issues with the set. But It’s just not there where I want it to be.

what do you think what works and what do you think doesn’t

My main problems with the origional set where the proportions


Very nice! I would still try to fix the gaps between the thighs and the hips. It looks fine otherwise!


The double orange vorox doesn’t work, neither does the crystal armor on the lower legs. Everything else works.


Personally I like the asymmetry on Gali. However, if you’d like to make the set symmetrical, I’d find a different way to place the vorox armour on her shoulders (or possibly her arms), as currently she looks a little overly stocky.

Fins are cool, maybe make legs longer… but I think most of all try to keep her slim. Maybe it’s just the pose but she looks too armoured up in some sections in my opinion. But it’s looking good so far :smile:


The orange on your looks out of place. The way the armor is shaped also creates a less feminine approach and makes her more armored or buff.


If you’re okay with cutting pieces, cut a rod/wand piece to match a size 2 axel. You need four. Then get 4 half pins with the stud connection. Combine each, and put two in each Vorox armor. If done right, this gives the Vorox armor CCBS pins. Then get orange or trans orange shells.

Also take the technic from 2016 Gali and the ccbs frame. Integrate it into the 2015 gearbox setup. You can then place the Piece of Unity on the lower back, or gut the knobs out of the gearbox to hold the Unity piece in place.

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A tad bulky looking for Gali, but I like that you managed to get rid of the aysymmetry.

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Hmmm, not sure about the “fins” on her feet. I also kinda miss the asymmetry, but that’s just my opinion. I would also lengthen her upper arms (but keep the forearms the same length), and maybe find a way to make her shoulders less bulky.
Overall, I think this is much better than the original. Thank you so much for removing the friction joints from her ankles!!!

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I think the shoulder armor looks a bit awkward. But that’s about it.

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It looks like a great improvement, but it could use some more orange across the rest of the build.

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Looks Pretty good. I love the trans lower legs

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