Gali and Tahu Nuva Revamps

Here are some revamps of two of my favourite Toa!

First off we have in my opinion one of the most underrated Toa; Gali, Protector of Ga-Koro.

Last but not least is everyone’s favourite hot head; Tahu.

“A great Kanohi mask!”


I like them both, but the concentration of silver in one massive area makes the color distribution a bit awkward to me.


@Joe It’s meant to emulate their original colour placement.


The original color schemes also only had three pieces in silver, and included a secondary color of either orange or light blue. This divided the color much more.


I think the orange and light blue made them look messy. These revamps are supposed to streamline their character designs. I also direct you to these two depictions of Tahu where the colors are very much seperated:


I like them, but I’m not sure what I think about Gali’s… erhm… claws?


Either way, my point is that without it you have four massive sections of the same shade of red, and one massive section of just silver.

In Gali’s case she’s almost completely silver except for 7 pieces.


@Joe Well, we just have different opinions on what looks good.

@Silver_Falcon The “claws” are meant to be reminiscent of reptilian feet. I always thought Gali’s Nuva mask looked like a frog.

Gali’s probably the better of the two, though her feet look awkward.

And tahu REALLY needs his orange back, he just looks boring without it IMO, its almost as all he’s wearing is a t-■■■■■ and the rest of him isn’t wearing clothes.


the feet on gali and tahu really need to be changed out to either metro or mata feet.

also, Idk how to feel about the nuvaboob.

also, I agree with @Joe that the color distribution is bad.

Why do they need to be mata or metru feet? Also I really like the colors as they are so I’m not going to change them.

I prefer Tahu over Gali, but dang that skirt those Onua shovels look amazing with that robo rider head

These are good, but need better color distribution.

i’m saying metru or mata feet to keep with the nuva aesthetic.

these characters should be sleek, with little jagged edges.

also, fix. the dang. colorscheme!

I’m not a big fan of Gali having clawed feet, and Tahu’s waist seems disproportionately sized. But I like them!

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I didn’t think I’d like Gali’s claw-feet, but I guess they look good. Nice work.

@Sammythekat No. I won’t change their colors because they’re my mocs. But I will change the feet.

@darkbrick999 What do you mean disproportionately sized? Too big or too small?

just because they’re your mocs dosen’t mean that the color blocking is good.

Gali’s primary color is only in 7 parts, and both of their secondary colors are gone completely.

the silver should just stay in the shoulder and chest/hip armor, and the weapons.

y’know, like the OG toa nuva.

Also, I would recommend changing around Gali’s mid torso build. Due to the use of the Nuva shoulder armor as a chest, there is a lack of flow between the upper torso and pelvis. It might look better if the waist was thickened.