Gali, Calm of the Ocean


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I’m really digging the more armored up look she has, great job.

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I like the nod to Gali mata with using the silver hooks as secondary weapons, I also really like the inclusion of the fins.

well done!


I think the color scheme should be more consistent. Several shades of grey and blue create kinda overloaded look.
But I dig the weapons you came up with.

It’s actually the same exact colorscheme as the original set, except the upper arm armor is transparent dark blue instead of light.
And the placement of dark silver to silver is in a sword of heavy armor to lighter armor relationship, dark silver being big chunks of armor that are over the lighter silver portions.

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This is a massive improvement over the initial set. Love the use of hands and weapons!

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Thanks, my goal wit this revamp series is to make the sets look as good as i thought they did all those years ago, so nothing too new just upgrades.

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Then it isn’t exact, is it?
And though the light grey is present in the original set you’ve made it much more apparent.
Also, I wouldn’t say the original color scheme was perfect.

I believe there’s room for improvement here, nothing more.

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not seeing the calm, she’s bulky as ■■■■ wow

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Agree to disagree, I like both silvers.