Gali lady of water


Looks amazing but, the tubes could’ve been done better.

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I think the torso is way too long, there is something definetly off with the proportions, dont know if it is the legs or the torso

The torso and limbs are too long, but otherwise the MOC is good.

I like the use of the upside down chest piece, but the bohrock shileds on th crotch looks really awkward. I’d use a slizer foot instead, and use the gahlock shield on the butt rather then the nuhvok one.The texturing is also inconsistent. There are gaps all over and the mix of smooth CCBS and greebly Bionicle doesn’t really work.

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I like how you did the upper chest

I like the shaping on the torso and the legs look great. I have to agree on the bohrok shields looking a bit out of place, but other than that, good job :+1: