Gali Master of Water | A Revamped Revamp

So this is another take at a revamp of Gali. The idea for the shoulder turbines and weapon came from a deviant artist I found called llortor. I really liked the design so I adapted it to fit my need. It still needs a bit of work, it's quite wobbly, a lot of the parts are quite old and lost most or all of the friction but I'm quite happy with the result so far.
Here she is:-


This is really nice. I like the new weapon especially. Only thing that's bothering me is she seems more masculine than she should be.

the dark trans blue and lack of silver/gunmetal past the legs doesn't make it look good. The trans arms and the mata-blue are bizarre on it. The Shoulder turbines look interesting, but if they were placed out traditionally, it could work. I question the buzz saw shield and the staff's use

Honestly, to much trans. It makes the moc bleed color instead of flowing.

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I dunno, doesn't exactly fit Gali for some reason. I'll pass.

Not a fan of the weapons at all.

Too many shades of blue.

Doesn't really look right, looks male.

Also I don't really like the turbine shoulders.

I like the idea of the turbines and the usage of trans blue makes it look as though water is flowing through her being, though that subtle femininity I found with the set seems to be missing here.

I don't think she looks male, but her chest sticks out perhaps a little too much and she looks a little tall and lanky. Maybe even out the proportions a little.

Also, like others said, too many shades of blue, and I would get rid of the saw on her weapon.

I do like the turbines though...