Gali Master Revamp - C and C appreciated!!

I always loved G2 a lot and it was G2 that got me into bionicle…3 years after its cancellation…
Anyhoo my first and favourite G2 set was always Gali 2015 - then Umarak tH - Tahu 2016 and Akida
But after a year of head scratching and about 250 litres of hot chocolate i present to you all my Gali revamp

To start i re-did the trident/axe to make it stand out more and to add more yellow
After some experimenting and 15 hours later i came up with a way to give her both waist and arm gear functions

The arm and leg builds stayed pretty much the same but i did swap some colors around.
I also added a vorox shell on her hip as like a skirt or a sash
I also added a ball and socket connection on her back for some extra friction and a metru amor piece on her abdomen to have some coverage instead of a ugly gap

A few badly shot photos of the skeleton

She looks great
I love her
Comments and criticism welcome!


A solid revamp over the original set! my favourite part is the trident/axe, it looks a lot better now.

where does one obtain such a stash



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Looks pretty good, the trident has got to be the best part.

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Since it seems pretty popular here is standalone image of thy trident


I like the frame underneath

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very nice. The shaping is great and it looks so much better with just a few changes. Good work!


Thanks guys!!

There’s a major gap between the hip and the metru chest armor piece used directly above it which really kills the feel of the model. Also, in this last image it appears the armor piece can move independently of the hip to some degree.


That would be another important thing to rectify with the design in that area. Otherwise, this is a really good improvement over the original set and even adds a tiny bit of 2016 flair to it as well.


It’s simple, but the good kind of simple that doesn’t come off as overdesigned and as a whole just feels like a solid upgrade of the original set.


Little update here - she now has a stand and is the centre-piece on my desk along with the PoW and Akida!

im not a simp - Gali is just my favourite bionicle character.
the ice-cream box is a lego container btw lol


so is this your self moc

we can tell :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway that stand looks pretty good.

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probably yes

thank you!

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