Gali Mata sketch

This is just a sketch I did of Gali today. I tried to give her a more robotic feel. I honestly think that 01 would be more industrial, and then as the years progresses, the designs would become more sleek and organic. Anyways, let me know what you guys think! All comments and constructive criticism are very much appreciated!


really digging those hooks and foot design

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maybe the chest’s bit exaggerated, but maybe I want it to blend with the chest rather than stand out IDK. Knees are way too high up, maybe lower it and it would be great

it’s a good take on Gali otherwise, nice hooks and armor


Aside from the fact that it looks nothing like a Toa Mata (aside from the obvious mask and hooks), and I can’t recognize most of the pieces (especially the leg part), I think it’s a very well drawn character.


@JMP Yeah, the knees are too high. I need more practice with legs, honestly speaking. Also, I don’t think that the chest is exaggerated, but that could just be bias. Anyways, thanks for your input!

@Altair Honestly, I take a lot of liberties when I draw Bionicles. I did try and emulate the Mata torso, but other than that, I didn’t feel there was much to work with that lent itself to a more humanoid and female figure. I felt it looked better with a more real word style. None the less, thank you!