Gali Mistika Revamp

My Gali nuva mistika revamp!

Here she is!

A picture of her from behind.

Her with her hooks.

Her with her rifle.

Her with her aqua axes.

Some pictures of her flying with her jet pack.

Her wearing her jet pack and holding her rifle and hooks.

Here She is with a Inika build.
Thanks for viewing my moc please leave constructive criticism.


I like the overall look of it, the arms/legs/neck are a little too stubby for my taste, though.


Ok thanks for the comment.

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I really like it. I like her tactical appearance. My only suggestion would be to improve the legs a little bit.

Overall, it's a great MOC and it's ten times better than the original set.


Yeah the legs are the simplest part of the moc. Once I get more parts I will probably make a more advanced leg design.

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I'm not exactly a fan of those elbows. They seem too... well stick-like. Otherwise I have nothing else that hasn't been said. Good job.


Nice. I like here posture in the third from last picture. (the one where she's flying)


@Bioraiders532 Yeah the elbows are one of my least favorite parts of the moc.

Good job. The arms are really weird though. You always want to align your upper and lower arms.


Yeah the arms are pretty... well... disjointed.


It looks pretty good! The only thing I would really improve is the shoulders need to be wider and the elbowslook weird.


This is such an epic moc. I love seeing revamps, they give me fuzzy feelings. One thing I would work on is the arms since they seem a little too close to the body giving her an awkward look but besides that she's an amazing revamp!

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I find it kinda sad you didn't use the best part from that set, the shoulders, in this,

and like everyone else has said, the shoulders look awkward,
and personally, I don't like the lower leg, it seems too short,

in fact that's really the biggest problem, just how squished she looks,
the legs need to be longer, and the arms need an overhaul
(preferably using the original arm piece)
and I think it would look far better,

it's pretty good aside from that, I like the torso and the feet.


I think her Aqua Axes are a bit short, maybe the handle should be a little longer... Other than that, I love it!

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Personally, i like the moc, tho Arms and rifle looks wierd, anyways can you do a photo near some inika-build set/moc?

Yeah about the whole shoulder piece thing the only problem is I don't actually have the set stuck_out_tongue I know I probably shouldn't have made a revamp of a set I didn't have but I couldn't help it. But yeah I agree my moc does look pretty squished if I make a v.2 (Which I probably will) I will Try to give her longer legs broader shoulder and if at that point I own some of the awesome shoulder pieces I will definitely use them.

Thanks. The aqua axes where kind of a afterthought so if I make a v.2 (Which I probably will) I'll try to make better axes.

Ok I can do that. Oh and thanks for the constructive criticism it is appreciated.

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