Gali Mistika Revamp

I’m back with a moc! Revamp.

Size Comparison:

Please leave comments and criticism! Have a great day!


Nice, it looks pretty good with all the added armor!

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Thanks! I also nigh completely changed the torso.

Not a fan of the black mace pieces on her thighs. Everything else is alright. would like to see a return to the original’s blue and silver if possible.


Same argument about the mace pieces here. If you want to add some spike detailing the smaller, silver pieces like those used on Hewkii Mahri would be more fitting. As well, if you could, switch out the black inner arms and pelvis for a blue or silver piece, it would look more coherent.

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Yeah, when I have those pieces available I’ll try it out! Thanks for the suggestion!

I’m glad you gave her a melee weapon.

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Yeah, before she was basically just a stand for her gun lol.

I have two major criticisms, firstly the torso is a T, which is particularly problematic for female MOC, and the mace halves on the shins don’t fit at all.

Over all I’d recommend adding hip armor, or making the thighs larger, and changing the torso to have narrower shoulders, as well as ditching the shin armor.

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I’ve already ditched that shin armor but I do want to keep the upper torso for consistency with the og set.
All of my other revamps have somewhat similar upper torsos.