Gali Mistika Revamp

Gali Mistika is one of the worst Bionicle sets ever and she dont look like a woman she suppose to be so i decided to revamp her adaptive armor form

Check out video on YouTube:


Cool. I like this a loooooot better than the original set.

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Ahhh right, I forgot that Bionicles were supposed to be high end feminine in nature


nice! not sure how to feel about gali with…bobs… But nonetheless a good moc.


Thank you!

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I feel like the shoulders are a little too close together, and that the arms aren’t armored enough. Other than that it’s a pretty good revamp

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Thanks maybe i will chanche it

I actually think the narrow shoulders work really well, they just look a little off compared to the hips; if the hips were narrower, the shoulders would look way better to me.

Good job :slight_smile: I must admit I do miss the shoulder armour but she still looks much better than the set.

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Can’t say I’m a fan. It seems like you tried way too hard to make her look “feminine” and it just throws the proportions way out of wack, makes her look borderline corpulent from some angles. I think it’d work way better with just with Nuva chestplate and not the shoulder armor, which seem really forced.


Hm… I rather like the original Gali Mistika, so I’m not exactly sold on this revamp. I think more silver and wider shoulders would improve it. Also, I recommend moving the jets on the ankles to somewhere they make more sense–that was always the weirdest aspect of the original to me. The torso is pretty good, though.

Yeah i used the shoulder armor in other MOC maybe i will buy more and change it!

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