Gali Nuva MOC (titanium)

Please fix the Burger Emoji Eljay I’m begging you

This is my Gali MOC. I’ve been mulling over how to best capture that movie look and had a few ideas to work out. All the pieces used exist in the colors used, and her gearbox works too! Ideally if this were built IRL her waist would have flex tube so she could ab crunch.

C&C is always appreciated. Gali is my waifu don’t tell my Girlfriend


Oh lord I love this moc
Firstly, those colors are gorgeous on her, and I don’t usually like mata blue mixing with metru blue so big props on that mate
Secondly, that armor is gorgeous, especially lovin the shin guards, those are dope
Thirdly I love the pommels on her aqua axes, it’s simple but I feel it adds a lot

Lastly helryx lookin kinda like gali nuva :thinking:

Nicely done! It’s good to see a Nuva MOC that stays true to form, not going crazy with armor all over the place. The only things I would really change would be adding a smooth tire around the ankle for a little bulk (not sure if that can be done digitally) and changing the Bohrok teeth on the axes for propellers like the original set. Great work all around!

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It looks alot like the animation model for “bionicle: the game”, very well done!
I find one of the most challenging things for me to build is a custom mata-style toa

By the way this moc is titanium

Don’t do it, don’t give him his power back.

This is super awesome! Definitely captures the movie look. It’d be cool if you could find a way to get the propellers on her hands too.

Nice job!

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I shoulda seen that before sending the text

The legs are very bizarre. The upper leg seems to slope to a knee, but then the shins taper at the knee, and curve out into a bellbottom shape… I think a different Mahri armour might have a better shape.


Pretty sweet! I like the color scheme

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Will you be doing the other Toa anytime soon?

no, never

i only make gali mocs


Are there instructions to build her?