Gali Toa Mata of Water

Man, it’s been a while since I was on here last.

Anyway, To finish out 2019, I digitally colored this fanart sketch of G1 Toa Gali. I have no experience with coloring digital water and reflections, but I figure it’d look better than if I had tried to traditionally color it.

Yes, she has hair


I don’t know why she would have green hair, but other than that, great artwork!

Ehhh, most of the pictures I looked at her eyes looked green, so I just assumed her eye stalk piece was green also.
It goes with her color scheme than yellow/blonde hair IMO. LOL

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I like the reflection on the water although it does look a bit like ice since it’s so still.

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I actually like the hair. It’s like seaweed. This is a cool piece!


Tha’s exactly what I thought it looked like. Personally I have no problem with that hair, it even makes the character ,and the drawing, more interesting.