Gali Uniter of Water and... TerAkida?

The creature is supposed to take aspects from Akida and Terak

As for Gali, I tried to make it "feminine" by combining the Uniter and Master forms and throwing on my own touch.

The head was a bit of work




it's alright

maybe it should be mud instead

Unfortunately I don't like this, it just seems off :frowning:

It's weird, the brown seems a bit odd, but decent over all.

Both figures could use some improvement in the build and color departments. The brown seems a bit off on both. TerAkida's build is interesting but I suggest you cover up the stinger hook. Gali looks alright, I like the skirt. Overall these two are a pretty nice duo.

Gali's a little off, not a fan of that singular red spike on her ankles. I'm sure the brown is for unity mode. It's fine.

Terakida's weird. Not a fan.

That's red though.

I agree. I think my biggest mistake was trying to include a function.

Now I must decide if I should try and make something good out of this, or tear it apart and start from scratch.


Nevermind what I saaaiiiiid

Brown. It's brown, not red.

Mata Nui, I fail at thinking.


Cool uniting form, but they look kinda cluttered. Gali isn't half bad, but how exactly is she more feminine? The skirt? Doesn't scream it to me, and the mask doesn't help. The open ball joints are also in the way there.

I do like her G1-Uniter staff though. But I don't like the brown, not a good match.

The creature I can't wrap my head's with arms and a massive hooked tail? Doesn't work for me, but I do like the use of the Axxon head as the creature head.

Looks good, but.... You cut the Kanohi Rode!!!!! Whyyyyy! /s