Galidor (the legit discussion topic)

Well, it had to happen sometime. Yes, BIONICLE fans had to talk about Galidor. But first, if you’re interested in watching the series (I mean, it isn’t completely horrible), then you can watch all of it here.

So, to being with, I’m interested in hearing what your favorite episodes are. Mine would have to be the end of episode 13 through the end of Season 1, and most of Season 2.

In general, it was a fine series, but I had a few issues with it. One, the enemy, GORM, seems to active in doing his own stuff. Two, it turns out that Nick’s dad (the Stranger at the beginning of the first episode), is alive. This is revealed in the very last episode, and I think it’s annoying, because his death was one of my favourite parts of the series. It also dissapoints me that it ends on a cliffhanger. Apparently it was actually really popular, but rights issues caused it to be taken off of TV. I will say, for everyone’s complaints about Journey to One, this is much worse.

Any thoughts on Galidor? Anyone who has watched it?

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