Gali's Wave Racer [BRICKONICLE MOC]


The snarky Makuta Krika is stealing Ga-Koro’s food supply!

Build the NEW Wave Racer and demolish the evil Makuta!

Gali’s Wave Racer from LEGO BIONICLE!

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food sold separately.

Another BRICKONICLE set made for funziez, set no. 54321: Gali’s Wave Racer.

Set Info:
Price: $19.99 USD, 17.99€, £13.99
Pieces: 213 (not including extra studs)
Minifigs: 2
Ages: 8-14

Gali’s Wave Racer
Created by the inventive matoran Nuparu, the Wave Racer was inspired by the many aquatic rahi in Ga-Wahi, such as the Dermis Turtle and Ruki Fish.

The WR has the ability to float on land, although it doesn’t very long out of water.

If the machine’s battery runs out, the vehicle can pull its fins inward and form two sets of legs.

As seen here, Gali can sit comfortably* in the WR’s cockpit.
*Comfortable might not be the right word. She’s sitting on lumps of plastic pain after all. ; p

The WR is armed with a zamor launcher on either side, ready to knock out any foe.

In case Gali needs her gear during a mission, the WR has a comfy compartment for her trident and flippers.

A master of stealth and Teridax’s righthand man, Krika has always wanted to overthrow his lord and become the true ruler of the Makuta.

Armed with a zamor launcher on his back, this Rahi-like mess of a being can quickly take down any foe.


New Pieces/Other Notes
Similar to my BRICKONICLE entries, I wanted to have visuals to fill this spot. I’m a not-so good artist, so I will just list them out:

The minifigures would get prints for their legs, arms, and torso and the Wave Rider would get an additional sticker sheet to add finer details to the vehicle.

Criticism is more than welcomed!


This is really neato Plorb.
I love the shaping and the colours on the wave racer.
I’m still salty that TTV didn’t choose you’re Bionifriends to win the brickonicle competition.


Thanks Jagkboi!

They just don’t know what perfection looks like.

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What happened to you Grevious?

On the whole, this does look decent. I like the the fish aesthetic the Wave Racer has.


The wave racer looks really awesome, but poor Kirka doesn’t stand a chance against it, maybe you could add a bit more? like some minions or make Kirka a brick built figure?

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This was something I thought about quite a bit whilst making the vehicle.
On the one hand, LEGO at the twenty dollar price range for hero-specific vehicles usually only include a single baddie to face off against the vehicle. But on the other, it doesn’t really go by their usual stance for “conflict in a box”. I ultimately decided to go with the former for this “set”.

Plural you are amazing for even having that General Grevious head piece.


I find the WR (Wave Racer) to be “complex” as a $20 set, however theirs no additional structure so that’s feasible~
The WR is cleverly build and I like the inward function.

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“This will make a fine addition to my collection.”


General Grevious Krika.

I approves.


At first i thought the pile of food was the moc.


Cool! The Wave Racer has an effective design overall and I really like the way it takes visual ques from a sea turtle.

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Krika can have a mini catapult using the food he stole as ammo :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry Gali you are not viable.

MH reference

“Hello there.”

“General Gali!”

Nice job plorbo
proud of u
keep it up


Really like that turtle shaped racer.


i think your pics are in reverse order, m8.

I felt the same about it