[GAME] Continue the story!

Hey there!
As the title say, you need to continue a story. I will give you a start and you need to say what is happening next. If somebody already response at my start, you need to continue his part of story. If somebody response at that part you need to response at the last reply and so one. If a part of the story have multiple replies, you will know what is the “official” one by looking at it likes. If it have my like, it is “official”.
Note: you can’t stop the story too quick. If you do this you are rude. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Here is the begging:

One day, Mr. Brick was walking on a street when…

May the game begin!

A car came and hit a sign.

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A sign?

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I believe this is already a topic.


Oh… Tragic…

and then the sign got a gun and shot someone.

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Mr. Brick saw this and started to argue this.

Then Mr brick realized that this is already a topic

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As creator of that topic, I’ll tell you now that’s the third version of it I’ve made, and all have gone terribly wrong. Unless the mods disagree, I’d say give this topic a chance.

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Then he didn’t care after the Pizza Cheetah told him it was fine.

So I cam continue it?

Mr. brick then went to the store in order to get naked (the drink, not…you know)

The store ran out, so Mr. Brick bought diet Pepsi.

Mr. Brick drank the Pepsi, and drowned with it.

Mr. brick is now dead

He arrived in heaven.

Where god said “Yo Mr. brick!”


“Sup home dawg.” god says, “Welcome to heaven”

“Cool. Who are you?”