Game: how to win Life

Step 1341: Kind of fix your mistakes.

Step 1342: Be sure you follow every step.

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Step 1343: don't die.

Step 1344: you know the truth that some do

Step 1345: Be yourself.

Step 1346: decide that's to mainstream and try being someone else.

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Step 1347: Vote Eljay Johnsen.

Step 1348: remember that talking politics is against boards rules.

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Step 1349: Respect Step 1348.

Step 1350: make your own Green Rosetta

Step 1350b See how long you can repeat one number as a step

Step number 1352: Buy every single transformers series on dvd, and binge watch all of it.

Step 1353: Allow @Eljay to edit your steps.

Step 1354: dab on the haters

Step 1355: Start watching RWBY out of curiosity, and then binge watch it for hours because it's too good to stop.

Seriously, it's so good. I can't stop.

Please send help.


Step 1356: agree with step 1355. (Please send help)

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Step 1357: Ravioli ravioli don't do anything bad to the dragon loli.

(Help is on the way.)


Step 1358: Send someone random song lyrics on Twitter.


Step 1358 Find the anime this is from

Step 1359: Call the FBI