Game: how to win Life

Step 1360: Wonder how @Ace has so much flipping money.

Step 1361: not tell anyone

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Step 1363: Fix the step count after pointing out @LTVmocs got Kapura'd

Step 1364: hand Matanui the finest rapier of all the lands

Step 1325: Stab Peelacar

Step 1327: Hold a state-recognized funeral.

Step 1367: fix the step count after screwing it up.

Step 9217: purposefully mess up the step count.

Step 1369: correct the step count again.

Step 1370: Go to class.

Step 1371: allow the IRS to find you

Step 1372: Binge watch all of RWBY and RWBY Chibi over the course of 4 days.

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Step 1373: Play bass guitar

Step 1374: play a bass cannon.

Step 1375: mourn Eljay's departure


Step 1376: Go back in time and give cavemen guns

Step 1377: Make a bunker for WW3 because nobody will survive.

Step 1378: realize that, if no one will survive WWIII, then what's the point of making a bunker no one will be alive to reside in.


Step 1379: Realize that step 1377 refer at the time before WW3.

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Step 1380:Cry, poop and eat spaghetti all at the same time.

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