GAME: Legends of TTV: Tale of the Brohunga

So I've decided to do another "choose your own adventure" thingy, since those are so fun to make on here. I've decided that i'll make my own TTV parody of the game "Tale of the Tohunga." So without further ado, here we go.

Be as silly with the responses as you want, but please stay within the rules, and give me REASONS as to why you choose it, not just "yes" or "no."

Also, I'll end the voting whenever I feel like it, so hurry for voting time!

Chapter 1

An odd Matoran wakes up on a strange beach, simply known as "n00b beach." He tries to remember how he got here, but then he realized that he as forgotten everything, including his name. As he looks around, he sees a weird guy with a Metru Hau and the body of a strange brown vegetable. He questions whether he should talk to this guy.

Should our hero talk to the potato guy?



Potatos are bad omens.


Talk with it, you must gain this starchy food's trust, then one day when he's not looking, throw him in an oven bake him, and feast.



Murder the potato!

But instead should he run away?

Alright, I have enough votes now!

Story: Our protagonist walks up to the potato. "Um, hey. Who are you?"

"You wot, m8?"

"What? What are you trying to say?"

"You. Wot. M8." was the reply of the potato.

"Just nevermind. Tell me, what is this place?"

"This is n00b beach, m8. Can't u read, m8?"

"Well, I have forgotten everything, so I guess not."

"YOU WOT M8?!"

Our protagonist had enough of this spammy conversation, so he decided to leave. But then the pot8o called back to him. "W8, m8! You don't n33d to h8!"

The matoran turns back around. "What is it?"

"M8, my n4m3 is pot8o. No need to h8."

The Matoran turned back around, further exploring the beach. That was a pointless conversation, he thought, good thing I left.

"W8, m8! Can I come with you?"

Should @Overlord_Ehryt8o come with us on this journey?


Of course.

Well, I assume he'll follow regardless, so sure. XP



Take him with you on this journey, then:

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Use him as bait later...

No, because I h8

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Story: "UGH, fine," said the protagonist.

And so, our protagonist and Pot8o walked further down the beach, talking.

"Aight, m8," asked Pot8o, "what's your name?"

"My name?" asked our protagonist. Oh yeah, I must've forgotten that, too. Hm. I need to make up a new name.

What should our protagonist's name be?

Leroy Jenkins!!!


Personally, I'd love to do the name "cookie." That's the name @ToaKylerak chose for the Matoran when he first played "Tale of the Tohunga." But it's your guy's choice.

Name him Steve

Any reason for that? (You guys need reasons)

Personally, I'm not too fond of generic names. You guys should choose something to be a reference to something.

If his name was Steve, wouldn't that mean this would be "The Legend of Steve". stuck_out_tongue

Skywarp, because it sounds cool, also because he's a cool character

Freaking Leroy Jenkins man! That is a reference, and because Leroy could just charge into battle since he forget everything.

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Call him Micheal Dundee

I'm marying the first one who gets the reference

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Brohunga? Hey that's something I came up with!
We should name him Kontra!
I'm looking forward to this