Game: Reinterpret it in Bionicle

The way to play is simple; person A lists some type of intellectual property, and Person B must give a brief reinterpretation of that property so that it could fit comfortably into the Bionicle storyline.


  1. No using this an an excuse to bash some property you aren’t fond of.
  2. Don’t go naming a pre-existing Bionicle storyline that is already similar to a property that’s been listed. (example: someone puts Suicide Squad, don’t just respond with Federation of Fear, we’ve all heard that comparison).
  3. If a work has been remade or there are multiple works with that title, please provide a date of release or the name of the creator/main writer/director so as to help identify which version you had in mind.
  4. Have fun with it.

“Over the Garden Wall”


Samad and Telluris befriend a talking animal that guides them through the dark fantastical lands and escape a hungry force of nature.

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A hurricane approaches le-koro and some guy calling himself “Ackar” steals a painting, while police- sorry, Vakhi shenanigans ensue.


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A thornax, a vuata maca fruit, and a madu fruit walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Oh boy, I sure do hope these vegetables don’t start reciting Bionible stories!” The thornax then recites the entirety of Bioniblical canon from start to finish, conveniently leaving out the infanticide and Mata Nui’s various war crimes. The vuata maca fruit raps about the 10 commandments for 3 hours. The madu fruit spritzes the counter with holy water. Everyone dies and goes to the big Lego bin in the sky. Greg decanonizes religion, destroying the afterlife. The end.

…at least, that’s what I assume happens in Veggietales. I haven’t seen it outside of this one time in elementary school where our teacher made us watch a bad retelling of David and Goliath.

Kill la Kill.


A vortixx with the temper of a skakdi, discovers her turaga’s secret exo toa and goes off to battle the tyrant principal of the Voya Nui Academy.


A ta-matoran named Takua finds a powerful mask and is told by tall people (aka the toa) that he must protect them from an evil lord who is trapped in a massive cavern. With the help of his good friends, Hali and Jaller, he goes into the evil lord’s cavern to fight him alone and Jaller sacrifices his life but after takua, who is now transformed into a better version of himself takanuva, defeats the evil lord he does something that completely negates the sacrifice of his friend and makes for an unsatisfying and disappointing ending where nothing that anybody did ever Mattered after so much build up - I mean, they all lived happily ever after

No, I am not still salty about the absolute horrendous ending of the troll hunters saga, and no I will not calm down

Die hard


The dark hunters take over a knowledge tower on naming day and a grizzled Ta-Toa must fight them with zamor launchers and crawl through vents.

Cool Cat Saves The Kids


A Matoran Hordika must contend with the threats and disdain of the members of his former village, in particular the harassments of dull minded Ko-Matoran.

The Hobbit

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Midget matoran go on a quest to destroy a hula hoop that is wanted by the local makuta.



Karzahni tries to live peacefully on his island until Artakha dumps thousands of fun and wacky mayoral on it, so now he has to travel to Artakha (the island) with this idiot Nuparu so he can get his island back.

Guilty Gear


That’s Lord of the rings, not Hobbit.

Glatorian arena
Some glatorian beating eachother up.

Home alone


The entire village of Ta-Koro hates Takua and leaves him alone while they go on vacation, so he has to defend the village from Krekka and Nidhiki with booby traps and help from a creepy local Turaga who’s actually friendly.

Big Hero 6


A Fe-Matoran repurposes an old training-robot created by the recently killed Toa of his homeland to track down the murderer, along the way he recruits other Matoran to aid him in his goal through the use of specialized equipment to give them Toa-like abilities.

Samurai Jack


Takanuva travels to another world to find a dark future where his home was been tainted by the tyranny of Tuyet, whose evil knows no bounds. Now he has to back, back to the past.

Jojo Stone Ocean (at least the first 12 episodes in case the next one doesn’t read the manga)

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