Game: Return of the Community Arena

Seeing as we’ve got some new people here, I thought I’d give this classic (it’s not a classic) a bit of a reboot.

Welcome to the Community Arena, where two users will face off… semi-politically! The basic gist is that two users will be picked and shoved into a vote, where other users can decide who will win in their epic battle of epic proportions.

Basically, it’s a glorified popularity contest.

The rules are simple:

  1. Be fair and don’t vote for yourself.
  2. The winner of the vote will be decided every 24 hours. The winner can publicly nominate another user after they win, but it’s up to the other person if they want to accept or not.
  3. If someone wins three times in a row, someone else will be picked at random.
  4. Yes, you can be silly and talk about how your opponent smells bad or something in the thread to try and sway the votes.

I didn’t really have anyone in mind when I wrote this, so for now I’ll allow anyone to nominate a person they’d like to participate. I’ll take the first two suggestions!

Eljay and Mesonak.


Wow, that was fast. o_o’

@Eljay, @Mesonak, do you accept?

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I vote for Eljay.

I can see this getting real toxic real fast.

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Gonna give this some time since I know the polls and stuff are going on and Eljay and Meso might be busy.

Just in case, though, feel free to suggest any other users for the vote!

@Ghid versus @Mctoran

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@Ghid, @Mctoran, do you accept this duel?

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Traykar I hate you

Count me in @Chedzu


To be fair, I wouldn’t have done this if Mctoran didn’t say your rivalry was akin to Vegeta and Goku’s. I mean, I like both of you, but I feel like Mctoran’s more like Yamcha



Please tell me you’re joking


I wish



Well this is going to be interesting


I vote for McToran

Bro he hasn’t even responded yet

I haven’t even started a poll either ._.’

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Eh, i reject the challenge because i feel like this will end up being the outcome anyways:


so do we wanna try someone else besides mctoran?