GAME: The Epic Adventures of Kongu!

"welcome to the kongu game topic, the rules are simple, continue the story... kongu sat in his apartment and thought about life then he felt like eating some pickles, they were delicious as usual, but then, something amazing happened something that would change kongu's boring life he had after the fall of makuta, it, was

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A book with evil magic spells that randomly appeared on his table.

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Kongu opened up the book, and found a wand within. It was a sturdy wand and had a core of dragon heartstring. Looking through the book, he found spells such as "Expeliarmus" and "alohamora." Kongu sighed and threw the book out a window.


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And the book transformed into a Triceratops, which pooped out the time-travellin' Muaka. "I'm here for you, KONGUUUUU!" - Said the Muaka

BTW, WTF is this kongu fetish? xDDD


All the main characters of the Never-Ending Adventure and the Never-Ending Eljay Fanfic appear out of nowhere, and challenge the poop-covered Kongu-Baka to a battle.

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Also, the Gates of Oblivion open once again, and.... Chuck Norris, the Deadric Prince of Destruction appears to destroy everything.
So the dudes from the Never-Ending Fanficz, the poop covered time travellin Muaka, and Kongu team up to beat Chuck Norris.


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There goes my faith in humanity.


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kongu then went to school and learned about history for 5-6 hours


then he said "that beast has dirty footprints everywhere! i will kill him!"

Then.. Vezon declared "Let there be light!" and this happened.

With that, the room went silent. You could hear an Eljay drop.


then suddenly vezon said what have i done! i've been doing this while j j Abrams has been lens flaring the world

"I'll go back in time, to stop myself!" - Said Vezon - "You'll come with me too, Kongu!"
"WHY????? I DON'T WANT TO" - And they've jumped on the poop covered Time travellin muaka, and went back in time.

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But then they went too far back in time! Back to when it was just the Great Beings. And the Great Beings said "who are you?!" And Vezon said "I AM THE MIGHTY VEZON" and Kongu said "I don't know this guy..."
The Great Beings were unimpressed and put them in a cage. Vezon yelled "You'll never get away with this!" while Kongu just sighed and sat in the corner.
Meanwhile, where was the Muaka...?

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he was being washed off after being in vezon's butt