[GAME] The Oregon Trail! sign-ups

Here we will play the Oregon Trail. we will be all one wagon train, but you will own your own wagon, which you have only one of.

Your resources will determine whether or not you live or die
Start resources
-900 Dollars
-1 Wagon
-1 Coffee Mill
-50 Lbs. of Coffee
-50 Weeks Supply’s of Food

Each occupation will hold differing advantages.
Banker (Extra 100 dollars)
Trapper (Increased chance of hitting animals wile hunting)
Carpenter (Better chance of successfully repairing wagon parts)
Farmer (50% more Week Supply’s of Food)
Crook (Gain the ability to steal (50% chance of success))

this is how you will put out your character sheet:
How many in family:
Spanish: (yes will take away 200 dollars from start, but will give more trading opportunity)

This will be a choice-based game, so I will give 5-10 choices per round. Also one round will take 1 week supply of food. If you run out of week supply’s of food, you die the next round.

The game will be held when when I have time for it. 10 people is the max who will play. also, the last one standing is the winner.


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“Oragan”? It’s Oregon. I should know because I’m from that state.

Anyways, I’m quite interested in this, especially since I did a simulations like this in my 4th grade history class, when we learned about the Oregon trail. (It’s a big deal here in Oregon. Our capitol building has a golden pioneer on the top!)


opps! fixed now (ha! that was kinda funny!)

Edited the title for ya.

he… he… :no_mouth:


2 things:

  1. Please, oh please, capitalize.
  2. It seems unorganized. Maybe have more occupations. Other then that,

Obligatory Info:
Name: TFM
Occupation: NONE! >:D
How many in family: 3.
Spanish: No, pero gracias, señor. :flushed:

*Oregon Trail.



Name: Ryker.
Nickname: Takua.
Occupation: I don’t know. Give me a random one I guess.
How Many in Family: None.
Spanish: Although I live in Arizona, No.

Name: Michael ‘Booster’ Jon Carter
Occupation: Time-Traveling Superhero
How Many in Family: My sister and I
Spanglish: No Bueno

Just realized that this isn’t an occupation choice…

Well, a week or two ago, I played a more passive role in a game of Oregon Trail. So I figured “Why not take on a more active role in a game of Oregon Trail?”

Name: Marendex.
Occupation: Crook.
How many in family: Three total (including Marendex)
Spanish: No


I join this one!
Name: Miraculous
Occupation: Banker
Family: 4 (including me)
Spanish: ¡Sí!

Name Lobstah.
Occupation: Trapper.
Family: 0.
Spanish: No.

I hope that will suffice…

Name: John William White.
Occupation: Carpenter.
How many in the family: A wife, an adult son and a teen-aged daughter.
Spanish: Nope.

@Chronicler, @David_John_Tennant, @Marendex_T17, @MiraculousPrime, @SmilingArinTurnip, @Booster_Gold & @EvilLobsterKing,

We have more occupants up now. if you want to change, now would be the time.

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Nah, I’m good as a carpenter. :slight_smile:

I am now a Crook.
Guard your valuables well.

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You get farmer.

Oh, can I be a farmer now? I wanna be a farmer, please?

Yo soy bueno por el juego.

Can you translate this?

@Booster_Gold, I used google translate.

I’m good for the game.


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