Gamma prime (Bionicle MOC)

Hello everyone. Back in the day i had a MOC called Gamma, a really cool character, i uploaded him in another post here on ttv.

Now i have built the prime version of him, a giant compared to his former model.

So here he is. Gamma prime

So this is gamma prime. A big, quite cool moc, inspired by warframe, there by the prime name.

Gamma is one of the characters bellonging to a unique race depwnding on aunique mineral.

Gamma is depending his life on the mineral toxitron, a highly radioactive mineral, glowing green.

Gammas body has been completly overrun by the mineral over time, and now, he has turned into a creature made out of toxitron.

His mighty staff has a cannister feuled with toxitron, powering the staff and everything he hits with its tip or end, gets radiated by the deadly mineral and slowly dies by radiation.

The only other character in my universe tjat posses this kind of power is arcdron, who has the same problem but with his body being powered by dioterite.

So for anyone intresred, the nature of my universe is quite deadly.

Thats all for now.

Se ya!


Good work. The random metru green rahkshi head doesn’t seem to fit, but I can’t find anything else overtly wrong with it.

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It looks quite nice, but could use some more coverage in the lower torso and maybe the arms

Pretty good, but the Metru green Rahkshi head is a bit jarring. I’d recommend swapping it out for a black one, if you can.

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Yea, i remembered that i had a black one laying around after i uploaded this. I have swapped now

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Pretty good torso. I really like the build. Though the ribs on the back is a bit weird

The metru green piece on the stomach doesn’t really fit with the colour scheme. But other than that it’s good.