Ganadorf - Prince of the Gerudo

Did this up a few months ago. Might do a coloured version later, don’t really know yet. Thoughts?


Ganadorf sounds like a really cool OC name

This is one excellent Crenando. I’m glad you were able to distance yourself from your usual angular artstyle for this piece; a lot of your other pieces suffer from being ridiculously lanky and/or extremely pointy.

Here however, everything is really well done. You’ve matched the proportions up perfectly, saving the most angular lineart for the cape, where it works surprisingly well. The details are a bit sloppy in some places, but that’s passable. The face especially looks like the gerudo king, very nice work.

My only issues are that the curled-up hand looks a little weird and he’s a bit too lean for my tastes, but the latter’s entirely a subjective gripe. You did an excellent job.

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This is great. the trident is an excellent touch.

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First off, you should totally do a colored version. :smiley:

Second off, this is really neat! I like the armor and how intricate it is, as well as the cape. The face is spectacularly done.
I also really like the boots.
A lot.

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@Ghid Thank you very much! I’m really trying to flesh out a style, something along the lines of modern comics and Borderlands, along with some exaggerated proportions. I definitely agree that some of the details are a bit sloppy. I’d really like to work on getting my lineart smoother.

@meepinater Thanks! Faces are something I’ve been working on getting better on. Also, I’m glad you like the boots


Very nice as usual! I really like the details and the way you did the face.

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