Garbanzo: an all black, fully poseable titan

I have a bunch of black HF parts... HF used too many of those. Anyway, I decided to make MOCS of all one color. Then I decided to make the black one a titan, but with a twist: it needed to be as poseable as a real human(in the legs and and arms, at least) Not like Witch Doctor.
Epic pose.

Here he is showing off his leg poseability.

Obligatory upside-down back shot. He has great back coverage, plus he can do a handstand.

He can also do the splits... which few people can do.

I want you to make a great MOC too.


Interesting choice of name.
Since flexibility was your focus I don't feel right critiquing anything that looks bad as a result of the heightened flexibility, but I'll point it out quickly just in case - proportions, gaps, and also proportions. stuck_out_tongue
Monochrome MOCs can be fun to build. I did the reverse once and built a MOC entirely devoid of black parts. Harder than you'd think. laughing


I've done that a lot. In fact, one of my BTFGM entries did that.
The main problem with proportions is the hands, but I like the idea of his big hands.

Nah, the main issue I had with the proportions was the thinness of the torso and limbs compared to how large they were otherwise.

RIP in Pieces Pirai.

Garbanzo? I think Hummus would be more interesting a name stuck_out_tongue

But great MOC. Love the caption for the final picture.

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