Garion, Toa of Earth

For anyone wandering, the torso piece is from Galidor.


This guy’s pure CHONK is so satisfying.

Excellent build, where is that chest piece from?


It’s from Galidor.

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Nice use of Gorm’s torso! The only thing that might need improvement is his lower arms; they’re rather thin compared to the rest of the build.

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The leg looks really good. From a playability perspective his articulation doesn’t look very good but He probably does just fine on a shelf.

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A bit to thin in the arms, but I like it

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that mask fits well with the torso. the lower arms are indeed a bit thin, maybe fill it up with rubber tires or an extra Bionicle/HF/technic piece.

overall good moc!

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Wow, somebody actually has and uses Galidor pieces.

You do realize that a lot of MOCists have and commonly use Galidor pieces nowdays, right?

I didn’t. Thanks for enlighting me. I thought that Galidor was forgotten for good.

No it isn’t. On the contrary, it started to gather somewhat of a cult following recently.

Well, you learn new things everyday.

cha cha real smooth

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