Gatau (NEED C/C)

So this is one of my first "Bionicle/Hero Factory hybrid" MOC that I'd like to share:

So that's it, I would like as much feedback on it as possible, I'd liek to know how to improve upon it.

Extra pics:

Alright, after the critique and around 20 minutes of work:



Front Pose:


I see two Hero Factory pieces...

4*, it has a Hero Factory XT4 torso at the back of it and another piece for the weapon, not sure if that fully counts, what would you call it?

One of the main things you have an issue with here is armoring, and maintaining human proportions. The limbs have nefxt to no armor (and armor on the back of the limbs doesn't help the front). In addition, although the attempts at customization in the upper legs and shoulders are commendable, they've honestly been terribly executed, and they draw back from a humanoid shape. I don't know why you didn't use the Hordika neck pieces as the torso portion of the shoulder, connecting that directly to the upper limb would look better and also have more realistic articulation.


A Bionicle MOC. And while it's still far better than my Inika build MOCs in terms of creativity, It's not very appealing to the eyes. It just looks very awkward pretty much everywhere.The Disk Launcher arm is better, but it definitely looks weird.

The way the upper legs are built is just weird. You should strive for builds that keep the knee and hip joints on the same axis. Yours has the knee joint off from the hip.

And the arms just look odd in general.

first off, the body, its okay but could take some more armour..oh and that light gray piece is a little of a eye sore
now for the legs..these look..very strange those dont look right, its better to use the metru upper leg piece/upper arm piece what ever you call it, and needs armour as well, I see that you are trying to make it unique but the result isnt very..nice, and the arms look messy, and I dont really like the look of the random ball joints behind the head

if I where you, start with something a basic inika build, find the right proportions for the moc, then add on to it, maybe exchange a couple parts for hero factory, never be afraid to try new things, later down the line, try making custom body parts like torso and legs, I suggest starting with the small parts like hands, then moving on to the body, remember even the best of moccers had to start somewhere, tbh I consider myself barely better then my first mocs...maybe a 1.5 at best...oh and dont forget greebling, thats very important, adding detail is key to making nice mocs, always look around for inspiration..but never copy people, thats not nice, but some things cannot help but be copyed, like the classic t bar and robot arm fingers, or sometimes even using a technique you invented, and then discover that its already been used, like I said before, the best moccers had to start somewhere, it takes a lot of time and experience to become a good builder.

hope this helped


Hey all, I edited the MOC, I probably won't keep it around for a while longer, since I'll be making a new one soon but I wanted to see it with the criticism in effect.

Thanks for the critique! smile

By the way: I couldn't but too much armour on it, since it would look too bulky in proportion.... stuck_out_tongue

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Much better


I'd personally try to upgrade the chest and maybe tone down the largeness of the back. After that it's, magnificent! Never heard of a Bionicle/Hero Factory hybrid moc before but that's probably something I'll get into later on. ~Pyrox