Gatekeeper Taurisius (Warriors of the Realms Entry)

With the lack of info for the Warriors of the Realms, im forced to throw in something that my not suit the entire. :banana:

"I trample these realms with no disregard. However, if you get caught into my stampede."

"Invidaal will clean you up."

I made Taurisius into a Humanoid Beast-Warrior, unsure what that means but again, no response from the original host.

If your not suited with the Centaur feel, here’s an alternative:

(also this isn’t the last time your going to see this type of model) :horse_racing:


I think the Centaur look really adds to him for some reason, maybe it’s just the prescience it gives him. The choice of colors is also a neat one, not really a color scheme you see all too often.

Are you the key master?
Loving the big axe/staff/key blade weapon. :+1:

Looks good! Everything about this works, although I could see the biceps being a bit strange to pose given how they’re built.

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Cool MOC. I like how it looks

This is lego?

Very interesting.