Gathered from Dreams

The title of the thread isn’t the title of the story. For a few days I’ve had dreams about how generation one and two are connected, involving one of the great beings who left before The Shattering. Below is that story.
Ekimu stood over his mask making bench, covered with old tools and ancient armor. The surface dusted with age and across it scattered old pages of ancient tomes he read from long ago. The toa he met long on their way to the journey to find the mask of control. Strangers to him, yet friends in their eyes.

In the center of the scattered pages lay the designs of a strange yet familiar mask, closely resembling the one that all protectors and villagers came to wear. Yet, this one had unique curves and shapes, curled runes etched into the material. Beneath was an inscription that only Ekimu himself could understand, and even he could not read it properly. It was riddle, one that he could never solve, and hoped the toa could.

“One Being, Many Questions. Six Masters, Six Questions. Six Answers, Six Paths. One Journey, Many Destinies.”

Perhaps the toa could answer, if only they were ready…

Deep in darkness, worn rusted gears clicked gently and echoed against hallowed walls. A being of past and future floated among the endless void. Metal and organic breathing singed the air, a mask protecting the face of a weak but powerful being. She coughed gently, as thoughts of her existence woke her from a brief slumber. It had been many years since she had moved, and she woke to a world that was very sick.

Before her beheld the smaller presence of the world she called home. To her touch, small waves rocked small coasts. Though this was not actually her world, it connected her to it. She could feel a sickness, and it made her ill. What had befallen this world?

Then, it caught her eye, on the island in the heart of the world, she saw six flickering lights, the toa.

“So…” She said, “…the prophecies of the old world have true…”

The being looked distant into the void, tears gently rolled down from beneath her mask, she turned back to the world with another echoed cough;

“I’m going home…”

I can’t remember anymore, and some details were omitted that I couldn’t directly remember. I’ll show what I’ve written so far, until I remember more of this dream.


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