Gatherer's Mind Scrambling Kanoka/Rhotuka

In the Dark Hunter book, Gatherer is describes as having a Rhotuka with a Mind Scrambling power, however the model does not have any Rhotuka launcher. Rather, it features a Kanoka launcher, which is not mentioned in the entry:

Another thing to note here is that mind scramble is written in italized, which is usually done for Kanoka powers.

During Gatherer’s appearance in NOGLB (which was written by a fan), he is also describes as using a Mind Scrambling Rhotuka, in addition to using Kanoka:

For reference, here’s also Gatherer’s appearance:

So, my questions are:

  • Was the Rhotuka erroneous, and rather intended to be a Kanoka of Mind Scrambling?
  • If yes, would he still possess Mind Scrambling Rhotuka in the story? Or would he instead have a Kanoka of Mind Scrambling, and would NOGLB be considered erroneous in this regard? (Which would in that case establish a new Kanoka power.)
  • If it is a Kanoka power, would the Kanohi forged from it be considered immoral?

Here is Greg’s previous answer:

Similar situation to Conjurer – Gatherer’s entry says he has a mind scramble Rhotuka. The model for Gatherer has no Rhotuka launchers at all, but he has a Kanoka disk launcher on his shoulder. I also noticed that mind scramble is italicized, and Kanoka powers always seem to be italicized while Rhotuka powers are not. Did you mean “Kanoka disk” when you wrote “Rhotuka spinner”?

Not posting this as a definitive answer, but just additional information to take into consideration.

Also, as an addendum to this question: is Mind Scrambling the same as the Confusion Kraata power, and if not, what are the differences?